For the Love of Hornby…

Hornby Island is a magical place filled with supernatural beauty and fragile biodiversity.  Our community is equally diverse and remarkable, with a year-round population of 1,200 strong. We are tightly-knit, lending hands and hearts in numbers big and small whenever needed. Vacationing on Hornby is a unique opportunity to experience living on a Gulf Island, even if only for a week or two. Be aware you have to be more careful with an island though. Our infrastructure is geared towards a small population and an island is a finite space where your footprint grows exponentially larger. Our entire water supply comes from winter rains and we are prone to Drought.  Every raindrop is extremely precious and becoming more rare.  In 2022, our community sent out the rallying call of Being Here: What You Do Matters, to encourage personal awareness and responsibility to take our place in the way of things. Whether resident or visitor, everyone can live more consciously and share in the stewardship of this special place. There are many ways to contribute and make a difference:

Water Conservation

When asked what most concerns residents both full and part-time, water scarcity constantly tops the list. Water conservation is our way of life on a gulf island and easy to do:

• Flush only as need dictates.
• Take short, navy showers every other day, or even every three days. Or better still, jump in the ocean.
• Avoid running taps.
• Take your laundry home to wash.
• Bring your own bedding and towels to the island.
Water Stewardship

Respect the Land, Water and Air

• Prevent erosion: Leave plants, rocks and animals in their natural habitat.• Reduce the overall footprint and adopt a beach or trail to clean up while you are here.
• Take as much garbage and recycling off island with you as possible.
Our Depot is designed for a population of 1,000 and the small staff are quickly overwhelmed when the population quadruples in the summer. Removal is a prohibitive expense on our island’s property taxes.
• Car pool to come here. Ferry line ups adversely affect all of us. When you are here, walk, cycle and take the Free bus.

Join Us

• Shop Local: Shops and Services / Farmers Market and Stands
• Drive responsibly: Slow down and give our cyclists, many of whom are in their 70s and 80s, a wide berth when passing.
• Enjoy and respect the peace and quiet.
• Respect Provincial Fire Bans
Hornby Island Residents and Ratepayer’s Association

Book early!

The island regularly sells out during the summer and we highly encourage you to find accommodations before you arrive.
We’d love to host you but if needed please also check out our friends and fellow accommodation providers at:
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